Why is it important to use a licensed contractor?

Licensed contractors must abide by state laws with regards to ethics and standards of behavior. They must also be insured. Licensing protects the consumer. Lund Painting is licensed and bonded.

What color should I choose?
Clients usually have an idea on color choice but we are prepared to assist you in color selection and we know which colors will harmonize with your decor. Starting with a standard palette we consult with you to decide which hue and tone is best for your home. Of course you, the client, have the ultimate decision so we will paint whatever color you wish.

Oil or Latex?
Latex primers and finishes have been improving tremendously over the years and are very durable. For instance a latex finish on an exterior painting job will stay elastic for years, where oil based paint dries to form a hard and more brittle film. Surfaces expand and contract with weather. While the latex paint will move with the surface, the oil will tend to crack sooner with this movement. Due to reformulation requirements, exterior oil base paints oxidize and fade rapidly.

The advantage of using oil paints is that it will give a smoother look as it tends to layout better on the surface and will not show brush marks as much as latex.

How long will it take to paint my house?
The process can take as little as 5-7 days from the time we connect with you. However, it can take longer depending on the condition of your surfaces, the type of work required, and weather conditions if the project involves exterior work.

During our consultation with you, we will evaluate your situation and can let you know how long we think it will take to complete your painting project.

What kind of paint do you use?
We use only professional quality paints from Dunn Edwards unless the customer requests a different brand. And of course we only use paint types that are best suited for the job.

Will my property be protected?
Lund Painting takes great care in ensuring that all not-to-be-painted surfaces are protected with tarps, tape and/or completely moved out of the way. We believe that quality extends to the areas that are not painted as well. Paint splatters are just not our style.

Will you start on time every day and will you finish on time?
We realize that you are inconvenienced during the project and that it is critical that timelines are met. Lund Painting is serious about not over-extending and promising deadlines that cannot be met. During the consultation we will discuss the timeframe that works best for you and keep to that timeframe weather (exterior work) permitting.


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