Interior Painting Services
• Walls
• Ceilings
• Doors
• Windows
• Plantation Shutters
• Mantels
• Bookshelves
• Entertainment Systems
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Cabinets
• Paneling and Wainscot
• Baseboard, Crown Moulding, other Trim Mouldings

Staining and Finishing of New/Existing Woodwork & Cabinetry
• New Cabinets (paint grade or stain grade)
• Entertainment Systems (paint or stain)
• Finishing of new Windows & Doors

Related Services
• Drywall, Plaster and Wood Repair
• Light Carpentry
• Acoustic Ceiling (popcorn) removal and retexture

Although every project is customized to your needs, there are some basic steps that we take at Lund Painting to ensure a superior product and great experience. These are:

Furniture, appliances, bookshelves, plants, etc. are reallocated, depending on the scope of work. Items are covered with a protective covering to keep them paint free. All floors are covered with drop cloths in the areas being painted. A paint preparation area is identified and setup with protective floor covering. We have found that having a designated area keeps our projects organized and our clients happy. The preparation area is the location that our painters will replenish their paint supplies and store their tools.

Depending on our client's requests and wall texture, holes, cracks and all types of patches are expertly repaired and made to match the existing texture. All stains are sealed.

A high quality retail grade* coat of paint is applied to the appropriate surfaces.

Once the paint has dried we will move Furniture and accessories back to their original locations. All of our materials are removed.

Throughout the project, the onsite supervisor will be inspecting the project to insure the job is done to our high standards. At the end of the project we invite our client to inspect the job.

*Retail grade paints have a higher percentage of solids (pigment) than contractor grade and therefore offer greater coverage, color consistency and retention.


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